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Ambush Alpha is a paintball team that was established in February of 2005. The team plays competition scenario games, scenario leagues, and speedball games. The team started out with several players from various high profile teams that now make up one serious competitive team. Some players still continue to play for other teams but remain loyal to Ambush Alpha. Ambush Alpha is also known as Team Ambush Alpha Squad, The Ambush Alpha Factory Team, and Team Ambush.

Ambush Alpha made an impression on the paintball world their first season out, winning several awards and accomplishing many team goals. Although the team was only established in February of 2005, they have accomplished more then was expected. The team has earned many awards, appeared various types of media, have hosted and produced games, Generalled and XO’d games, refereed games, and has even appeared in the Greg Hastings video game for PS2 and EMR’s Castle Conquest DVD.

Ambush Alpha worked long and hard to gain the respect and admiration from their fellow paintball teams that have been established for many years. Ambush Alpha is now seen in the paintball community as one of the finest teams around, with their great sportsmanship, honorable playing, charity and donations to events, as well as helping and assisting others both on and off the field. The Captain (Brian “Rephy” Reph) of the team, stated that they couldn’t have done it without the help and assistance of some of the greatest paintball teams on the field today. Such teams as; The Blue’s Crew, The Undertakers, Team Pain, T.S.S.O.C., Jersey Titans, and many others. He also went on to say that a lot of field owners and game promoters helped the team out a lot. Such fields and promoters like EMR, Poco Loco, Viper, Pyro, Strategy Plus, etc, etc.

The team is supported by the company Ambush Alpha Design Specialties or more commonly known as AADS. Ambush Alpha is involved in the advertising / promotional merchandise business that specializes in the paintball industry. Ambush Alpha Advertising also has a vending booth which is set up at games. The booth carries all of the paintball teams gear that the teams sponsors provide, as well as some other miscellaneous items that Ambush Alpha stands behind and supports. Information about Ambush Alpha Advertising can be found at their website at Although Ambush Alpha provides the team with all their promotional needs, such as patches, uniforms, banners, decals, t-shirts, etc., the team also receives a lot of much appreciated support from their sponsors. Because of the teams high profile and reputation, the team succeeded in landing several large sponsorships. The team is extremely happy with all that their sponsors have done for them and had nothing but positive remarks about all their sponsors, and the high quality products that their sponsors produce.

For more information on the team and how to join Team Ambush Alpha Squad, or if you would like to sponsor Ambush Alpha, please send an email to Brian Reph at Ambush Alpha is available and open to discuss future sponsorships. Ambush Alpha also looks for serious players to join the team each year.